Jeremy James
Summary: Male 37 from New York, United States
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Eye colour: Ethnicity: Black - Caribbean
Currently Online: No
2009Opening Act for Stevie WonderA Dream Fulfilled EventThe Chamber of Commerce in Washington, D.C.
2007Singer of "Well Be As It May" on SoundtrackHBO Film, "Life Support" directed by Nelson GeorgeFoxx King Entertainment, Jaime Foxx excutive producer
2007Singer of "You Can't Be Late" on CD Compilationalbum Soul In the CityUK's Expansion Records
2004Singer of "Imagine" on SoundtrackShowtime Film, "Violation" directed by Darrin Henson
About me
MUSICIAN: Bands, Guitarists
SINGER: Soul / RnB
Jeremy James' has an incredible sound --- one that is forged of mellow electric grooves, caressed with some acoustic guitar --- in a style that reminds us of classic Isley Brothers and Stevie wonder at their sweet, sweet best! Often described as being a cross between Stevie Wonder and Seal, Jeremy's voice seems to embrace both sides of this style equally --- slightly raspy at some points, with an honest, organic quality, warm, strong, heart felt songs, and passionate edgy vocals. "Vintage James surfaces when his virtuosity is given ample room to showcase itself." (Another Deep Design) "I believe in writing songs that people can relate to. Armed with my guitar, I write about my experience and I love when I meet someone that is able to feel my thoughts within the music."