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Contact person: Michael J.
Address: Melbourne, CBD
Phone: 0407048887
Website: http://www.new.facebook.com/home.php?ref=logo#/group.php?gid=42849549121&ref=ts
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2009Writer / DirectorLittle LambMidnight Circus Films
2009Writer / ProducerMorningMidnight Circus Films
2008Writer / DirectorCarousalMidnight Circus Films
2008Writer / DirectorStarlight Foundation (Video Clip)Midnight Circus Films
2008Writer / ProducerWild RoseMidnight Circus Films
2007Writer / DirectorEcholaliaMidnight Circus Films
2006ProducerGiaMidnight Circus Films
About us
FILM: Crew, Directors, Other, Producers, Production companies, Scripts, Studios

MCF was founded and created by Film Producer / Writer "Michael J."

Michael J. has been within the film industry for over four years now, and in that time he has built up an extensive database within the Film & Entertainment world.
With several projects under his belt and a great response from Australia and USA, Michael is now focusing his time in his new company;
"Midnight Circus Films" or (MCF)

MCF are growing by the day and are always looking for projects that are trying to get off the ground. At MCF we do all things media and visual based.
We will also supply you with all the necessary people needed to help make your Production a success.

We at Midnight Circus Films are very dedicated at what we do and work hard every time to make every production a huge success, no matter how big or small the budget may be.

Do you need help with...
A Production or script?
Maybe an Event?
Need some Promotion or Promoters?
Want to get into Modeling? or Looking for Models?
Looking for some Actors or Crew for your next film?

...We can help.

Midnight Circus Films (MCF)
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