About Us

BookMeDirect.Com is unique in its position as a dedicated service for individuals and businesses working and serving the entertainment industry. Book Me Direct enables users to promote themselves and their businesses, network, communicate, advertise and apply for jobs as well as booking services direct.

The Book Me Direct Talent and Industry directories, enables members to create personal and business profiles with the capabilities to:

  • Upload Photo’s
  • Show reel’s & Casting Video’s
  • Add Relevant experience’s & Personal details
  • Network with other Entertainment Professionals
  • Apply for & place Jobs/Casting calls

BookMeDirect.Com is not an agency, we are a new social media networking site which enables entertainment Professionals to network with other entertainment professionals and help with the progression of ones career or business.

Applying for Jobs/Casting calls

To apply for a Job/Casting call you need to be a member. When applying for a Job, the relevant details are sent:

  • Your Name
  • Contact Email (optional)
  • Contact Number (optional)
  • Url
  • Message

All Jobs and Castings are reviewed by our site administrators.

Placing a Job/casting call

You do not need to be a member to place a Job/Casting call.

To place a Job/Casting call on simply click the ‘Place a Job/Listing’ button located in the top right of our home page and complete the form.
Placing a Job/Casting call on is free and all jobs will be reviewed by our site administrators who may contact you to verify.

Booking Talent/Industry Professionals enables people to book talent/industry professionals directly whether they are members of the site or not.  People can search our talent and industry directory simply through choosing relevant categories, countries, genders, age, or through name search.

If you are not a member of and wish to book talent or an industry professional, simply click on the ‘book me’ button on the relevant profile, this will bring up a standard contact form for you to complete with relevant information including your contact details.

Please Note: All booking requests from non members will be reviewed by our site administrators.

Notice Board

Our notice board enables people to place a notice if they have a product or service to promote, it also allows you to promote your profile if you feel you or your business is not receiving enough hits.

Please note: All Notice requests will be reviewed by our site administrators.

Safety Information aims to provide a safe environment for all its members, if you feel you have been inappropriately contacted by a member or Industry professional, then please click the ‘report improper user’ button which is located at the bottom left hand corner of their profile.

  • recommends you read through our safety tips:
  • Before attending any Job/Casting call, search the name of the person or company in a search engine for relevant information and history.
  • Check through your network to see how many other people may be attending.
  • Always tell a friend or relative where you are going, who you are going to meet, and how long you should be.
  • If in doubt, feel free to bring someone along with you, if they are genuine they won’t mind.
  • Do not allow people to pressure you into doing things you do not want to do, you have the right to say no.
  • Always read the small print, you should never sign a contract without reading through it.
  • Use your own judgement and common sense when applying for Jobs/Casting calls.
  • is not responsible for the content, and makes no warranty as to the accuracy of the Jobs and casting calls placed on our site.

Further help

If you have any further questions, then please feel free to Contact Us