Dancers Needed for All-Inclusive Resort (6 Months Contract)
Dancers Needed for All-Inclusive Resort (6 Months Contract)
Application criteria: Female / 18-33
Payment details: Various
Created: 28th October 2010

Description: Get Up & Go Global not only offers you a chance to get away from the busy city, it offers young adults the chance to travel and
meet people from all over the world. You can learn new cultures and languages, but more importantly, learn about yourself and your
greatest potentials. Our All-Inclusive Resort Teams are the best sports and entertainment teams from around the world.

We are currently looking for Dancers to take on a 6 month contract at one of our client's resorts.

- Perform promotions for the show by the pool in the afternoon if needed.
- Participate in activities by the pool during the day if needed.
- Interact with the guests (children and adults) in a professional manner on a regular basis (while on and off duty).
- You will participate in daily rehearsals.
- Represent Get Up & Go Global and the Resort in a professional manner at all times.
- Facility and disposition of time to learn the choreography for the different dances that appear in the show and perform in them 2
times a night, 6 days a week.
- You will have to take care of your personal image as well as the image of the hotel, observing moral standards, internal
procedures of work, as well as the house rules that are provided to you.
- You must have a positive attitude and disposition to work as a team.
- Follow all rules and regulation set out by Get Up & Go Global and the Hotel.
- Any other task that is required of you not documented here and related to the position.

If you are interested in applying for this position and finding out more about the location and pay please email
with "Dancer" in the subject line and you will be sent an application form.

Get Up & Go Global gives you the chance to walk away from the endless cycle of bills and due dates by giving you free drinks, free
food and free rent plus a salary. All you have to do is bring your paycheque to the bank and save and then enjoy your days off on a
beautiful beach destination.

Get Up & Go Global sends you for six month intervals to four and five star all inclusive beach resorts all around the world. After
your six months are up, you can either return to your normal life in the city or you can be reevaluated and sent to a different exotic