Application criteria: Female / 16-99
Payment details:
Created: 28th April 2013

Description: Hi,

I'm Kushal Trivedi, Founder & Director of Creative Filmmakers. Sharing the casting details of my woman oriented action-thriller movie
with you.

Seeking fresh & energetic FEMALE ACTOR/MODEL for my film. Upon selection it's "our" reponisbilty to take care of your all
expenses be it travelling, lodging etc. Payment/Fees & other terms will only be discussed if you're selected, not now. Filming will
take place in India.

I'm sending you a brief synopsis for your consideration. Having said that please be informed that you need to let me know if you
had liked the concept.


The story starts with the lead actor (female) coming to city w/ a dream of a better future. Her friend who happened to be already
staying in the city for quite some time comes to pick her up. They both stay together.

She settles down and starts job hunting. One day, late night she had a life altering encounter w/ a gang (3 male roadside thugs,
those foolish brats sort of). They molest her and rape her. Tie her and throw her in an abandon place while she remains in a very
critical life and death sort of condition.

She somehow manages to walk her through. She is found by her friend and slowly, she recovers. And now she decides to take
revenge. Finding those criminals and killing them one by one. Her friends help her in the process.

If it interests you then send your latest folio and contact details, managers' info, agent's info along with your reply @

Your folio will be sent to the casting team as they are the deciding authority. You will get calls from them to come to audition (first
round of the selection process).

MANDATORY TO QUALIFY: For authenticity of talents you HAVE TO add me on:

Kushal Trivedi
Founder, Director - CFM

Note: This message should NOT be considered as a final offer letter and/or it does not guarantee that you are (or you will be
selected) selected for the offered role. All rights are reserved by Kushal Trivedi.